Royal Tusk

11:11 Presents

Royal Tusk

The Photoshoplifters

Tue, June 25, 2019

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Pub Station Taproom

Billings, MT

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Royal Tusk
Royal Tusk
Daniel Carriere – Vocals/Guitars
Sandy MacKinnon – Bass
Quinn Cyrankiewicz – Guitar
Calen Stuckel – Drums

It’s been said that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Well, it was nearly impossible to knock over a mammoth. ROYAL TUSK dig in their heels, defiantly hold their ground, and fight with fury. These blue-collar troubadours from the Great White North are steadfast champions of the majesty of kickass riffs, meaty hooks, a thick bottom end, and loud guitars.
Royal Tusk mounts an assault on the lazy security-blanket self-aware irony of hipsters and the disingenuous commercial pandering of rock poseurs alike.

Trailblazers like Soundgarden, Mudhoney, and Pearl Jam defined success on their own terms, putting artistry and authenticity first. Royal Tusk follows in that fine tradition, reveling in unbridled creativity that is provocative, nuanced, and captivating. The laidback charisma of stoner groove, the
polished melodicism of classic and progressive rock, and the energy of punk all collide within Royal Tusk, earning them a steadily building buzz as big as their riffs.

This is music with meaning, sometimes even a message, that’s always built around a powerful vibe and uncompromising passion. Royal Tusk is a deeply soulful celebration, brimming with working class optimism and tempered by renegade realism. On their sophomore-slump-smashing ​TUSK II​, the group
summons the effortless energy of an era of rock music when bands weren’t content to merely reverse-engineer hit-making formulas to move units.

The seeds of Royal Tusk were planted when eight-year-old Daniel Carriere knocked on his neighbor’s door. They’d never met, but Carriere knew that Sandy MacKinnon and his siblings owned some instruments and figured maybe they could start a band. They became fast-friends through their shared love of music and skateboarding. “We’ve been playing in the same bands and touring together since we were fourteen,” explains vocalist/guitarist Carriere. “Plus Sandy had sideburns at like 13 years old so he bought all of the booze.”

Ever since, the duo have written, recorded, and toured together as brothers-in-arms, always making music with raw energy. They switched their full-time focus to Royal Tusk, an outfit with more in common with Deep Purple and Aerosmith than what’s on the radio, breaking through with the ​Mountain EP in 2014. Their debut full-length, ​DealBreaker​, arrived two years later.

“Sandy has always played the bass kind of like a guitar, like what you hear in punk records,” notes Carriere. “It keeps that kind of energy going in our music, which I love. What we wanted to bring to this band was that realness.”

“A lot of ‘rock’ today sounds like people forgot that it’s supposed to be driven by loud guitars,” adds MacKinnon. “That’s something we have to bring back.”
arriere, MacKinnon, guitarist Quinn Cyrankiewicz, and drummer Calen Stuckel take that faithful and earnest approach all over ​TUSK II​, an album equally fueled by throwback minimalism and forward-thinking power.

There’s also a healthy dose of observational commentary about the massively screwed up state of the world. “Our earlier stuff was a bit more gentle,” Carriere explains. “It was about love. This record is angry, fed up, perplexed.”

“Aftermath” laments the way the constant bombardment of horrific events has desensitized us to ultra-violence. “I should be losing sleep / but losing isn’t enough / because there’s not a tragedy so bad it keeps me up.”

“Northern Town” takes a look at the oil rich area where the band grew up, extrapolating the high rates of drug abuse and violence into larger questions about self-worth. “So many up here die alone because they’ve been told that wealth is the only thing that will ever make them matter,” says Carriere.

“Control” tackles the various institutions and traditions that keep people down, from warfare to religion. “Longshot” is sung from the perspective of a school shooter, admonishing that strain of increasingly common murderous rage and the 24-hour news cycle that seems to glamorize and even profit from it.

“I feel really good when we walk out on stage every night because we sing these songs and we’re not afraid to say what we mean and to say something from the heart,” says Carriere. “I’m happy to do it. We believe in what we do and we don’t’ pander to anything specifically. We just want to hear good rock n’ roll, good guitars, great drum fills, and probably most importantly, sincerity.”

“We can only hope that people see us as a group of dudes who put the value of a song before anything,” adds MacKinnon. “I want people to think of us the way we think about our favorite bands. When you hear Royal Tusk, I hope it evokes a certain emotion or memory. We want our music to connect to experiences that matter in people’s lives. That’s the reason why we do this.”
The Photoshoplifters
The Photoshoplifters
Abducted in early 2016, The Photoshoplifters have been missing from society in exchange to create new Electronic Rock. Aware of our humanity, we make our confessions with a message to be understood. When our audio finds you, beware of profound side effects.
Venue Information:
Pub Station Taproom
2502 1st Ave. N
Billings, MT, 59101