Dead Presleys Holiday Party with Parker Brown and the Bleedin' Hearts, Something Witchy

11:11 Presents

Dead Presleys Holiday Party with Parker Brown and the Bleedin' Hearts, Something Witchy

Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts, Something Witchy

Fri, December 21, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Pub Station Taproom

Billings, MT


This event is 21 and over

Dead Presleys
Dead Presleys
Dead Presleys are a rock n’ roll band both in music and spirit. Often times, “rock n’ roll” is a cop out for artists that don’t want to pigeonhole themselves in a genre, but Dead Presleys believe they are rock n’ roll through and through. They believe in big drums, ripping guitar solos, soulful vocals and driving bass. They believe slower songs can be rock n’ roll too. It’s all part of the musical and emotional rollercoaster you take the audience.

The music comes first. Always. “Our motto is simple,” says vocalist/guitarist Kerry Sherman, “serve the song. Whatever it takes to make the song great, whether that’s going simpler or more complex with arrangements. Whatever it takes. If you take care of the music first, the rest comes easy.” While they take the music seriously, they try to be loose with everything else. After all, it’s rock n’ roll.

With a style that’s been called “The Black Keys meets Kings of Leon meets Foo Fighters”, Dead Presleys are a versatile and energetic group of musicians that continue to grow and push boundaries.

Since releasing their debut album ‘Muses’ in 2017, Sherman, drummer Colton Gabel, lead guitarist Tyler Cook and bassist Zachary Reiter continue to play bigger shows on bigger stages, including opening for 90’s Alternative rock icons Gin Blossoms, The Runaway’s Lita Ford, a spot on 2018’s Magic City Blues Fest, headlining Butte, Montana’s Famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade, several headlining shows at Billings’ Pub Station Taproom and Concert Hall and slots on the main stage of Evel Knievel Days, Original Festival and Wild West Music Fest.

After taking a few months to catch their breath and enjoy a couple beers during Fall 2018, the boys are coming back to the Pub Station stage for their 3rd Annual Holiday Show in December. Ready to rock and roll.
Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts
Parker Brown and the Bleeding Hearts
Blending elements of soul, rock, and neo-mysticism, Parker Brown and his newly re-formed trio bring listeners an experience equal parts groove, exuberance, and contemplation. These guys have played together in jazz combos, acoustic sessions, funk, rock and country bands for years; and this aged integration becomes apparent in the contagious energy of their shows. You may jump for joy and you also might cry as you partake in the dappled sounds of Brown and his buddies.


Parker Brown, vox/guitar
Erik Olson, piano/bass
Keller Paulson, percussion

"Brown’s songwriting is quite remarkable; he can tell a story in a way I’ve not heard a lot of since those heady days of the Brill Building."
Rocking Magpie UK
Venue Information:
Pub Station Taproom
2502 1st Ave. N
Billings, MT, 59101