Toby Knapp

11:11 Presents

Toby Knapp

Pressure Knot, In Rapture

Sat, January 20, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Pub Station Taproom

Billings, MT


This event is 21 and over

Toby Knapp
Toby Knapp
1990- 96
Knapp's activity within the underground Metal scene officially begins in the year 1990 with the release of his debut demo "Picture Perfect". The instrumental recording is sent out to guitar magazines and guitar oriented record labels in hopes of garnering positive press and a recording contract. The results prove successful;
Knapp is featured in Guitar World's new talent column "Hometown Heroes" at age 18 and is soon discovered by virtuoso guitar talent scout/Shrapnel Records President Mike Varney. Shrapnel Records release Knapp's debut "Guitar Distortion" and Roadrunner Records issue the album in Europe. Knapp embarks on small tour giving guitar clinics at respected music schools such as MusicTech in Minneapolis. Knapp begins endorsing S.I.T. strings and the now defunct ADA amplification. Wild Rags Records release Knapp's EP "Infinite Opposition". By the age of 20 Knapp had collaborated with Tony Fredianelli and Ray Luzier who would later become members of Third Eye Blind and Korn respectively.


Toby Knapp and vocalist Ken Kilpatrick record and issue four song MCD in the vein of 80's era Rainbow, Dokken and Wasp titled "Lock Down" with the help of Sinbad productions. Knapp forms Black Metal project "Darken" and signs with Defiled Records who issue Darken's self titled MCD. Financed by Defiled Records and Sentinel Steel Records, Knapp enters Time Capsule studio in Denver, Co. and records all the music for what would become Onward's debut album "Evermoving". Knapp's contract is sold to Century Media Records.


Knapp's band Onward release two albums on Century Media records and tour extensively. Onward hit all major U.S. fests (Progpower, Milwaukee Metalfest, November to Dismember, UltraSound, etc). Knapp's guitar work and composition within Onward receives high praise from notable publications Hit Parader, Metal Maniacs and Guitar World. Onward tour with and open for bands such as Exodus, Angra, Metal Church's David Wayne, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Agent Steel and Steel Prophet. Onward record a demo version of a planned third album "The Neverending Sun" but disband before entering the studio. Onward's renditions of Uriah Heep's "Bird of Prey" and Savatage's "Strange Wings" appear on CM compilation albums. Knapp records a rendition of UFO's "Dance Your Life Away" for a Michael Schenker tribute album entitled "Spaced Out" released by Midwest Metal Records. The track is praised by Metal Maniacs as a highlight of the compilation.


Knapp records two albums back to back. The all instrumental "Polarizing Lines" followed by the Black Metal project Waxen's "Fumaroth". Both albums are issued as part of a licensing agreement along with the Onward demos for "The Neverending Sun". Knapp plays a series of regional shows under a temporary band name in support of Despised Icon, Wolven Ancestry, Psyopus and Light this City. Guitar World magazine refers to Knapp as a "carnivorous Malmsteen".


Toby records 3rd full length solo album "Misanthropy Divine" enlisting Into Eternity touring vocalist Dean Sternberg. The album is issued through German label "Rock It Up" records. Knapp joins Nuclear Blast artist Darkane for their Canadian tour in support of Soilwork. Knapp declines invitation to tour as lead guitarist for Vital Remains and joins forces with Vital's ex-vocalist Jeff Gruslin in Godless Rising. Moribund Records issue their collaboration "Trumpet of Triumph". "Trumpet" received rave reviews as a new breed of old school death metal. Godless Rising fans were polarized however due to the fact that Gruslin replaced an entire band with the services and songwriting of Knapp- whose influences such as Hellwitch, early Slayer, Celtic Frost, "Altars" era Morbid Angel, Jimmy Page and neo-classical heavy metal were reflected throughout the album- an extreme departure from their previous albums. Knapp records 4th full length solo album "The Campaign" which features a guest vocal appearance from Mayhem's Attila Csihar. "The Campaign" is released by Shredguy Records spawning a single "Wicked" which commands over 1000 legal downloads and the title track earns a spot on Guitar World's cd-rom in the August 2010 "Ozzy" issue.


Shredguy Records release 20 song compilation of rare Knapp material dating back to the early 90's entitled "Archives of Magick" and Knapp begins endorsing Dimarzio Pickups. Knapp contributes a guest solo to labelmate Adrian English's "Innerplanetarium" album (Shredguy Records). "Misanthropy Divine" is reissued through Rock it Up records/Alive Entertainment. Knapp reforms Onward with all new members and nearly returns to "Rock It Up" records. The timing of this "new Onward" coincided with original vocalist Michael Grant's untimely death and Knapp laid the Onward name to rest as an act of respect to his former bandmate. With no prospects, Knapp, once again, began "writing his own ticket" by starting pre-production on a new solo album.


Knapp completes his full length solo album (7th if you count EP's and compilations) "Static Warfare" is released by Shredguy Records. First response from fans and press is excellent and Knapp is interviewed in Asia's largest guitar publication "Gitar Plus". Century Media licenses the Onward albums "Evermoving" and "Reawaken" to Germany's Pure Steel Records for special limited edition Vinyl releases. A collaboration between the labels Shredguy and Sumthin' Fierce Records results in a double-cd release of a two hour compilation spanning 25 years titled "Archives of Magick Vol. 2" "Archives" features never before released Onward material, tons of pre-Shrapnel Record era demos and much more. Knapp completes a new Waxen album "Agios Holokauston" and secures deal with America's top Black/Death Metal label, Moribund Records, for it's worldwide 2014 release. Toby begins recording yet another instrumental album, this time a collaboration with renowned 4-Arm guitarist Markus Johansson "Unborn Spirits Immortal" released in the Summer of 2014 on Shredguy Records. Knapp announces and completes all musical recording sessions for a speed/power metal project (with vocalist/Ashes of Ares touring bassist Dean Sternberg) under the name "Where Evil Follows". The WEF debut entitled "Portable Darkness" is scheduled for release in late 2014 on Moribund Records. Knapp restores a collection of demos Onward were going to use for a fourth album: "New Fathoms Down", complete with the late Michael Grant's vocals (from 2002) teamed with musical re-recordings of much of the material completed in 2014. Onward's "New Fathoms Down" is issued summer 2014 by Shredguy Records. 2014 also proves to be a highly active year for Knapp making guest appearances on albums by acclaimed artists such as Sean Baker (a track trading solos with Baker, ex- Racer X legend/solo artist Bruce Bouillet and Soulfly's Mark Rizzo) Underground Death Metal legends Fetid Zombie for the upcoming release "Grotesque Creation" as well as progressive New Hampshire Death Metal icons Solium Fatalius for their forthcoming album "The Undying Season". Knapp is quoted in the liner notes of guitar legend Joe Stump's instructional book "Metal Guitar Chop Shop" released through Berklee Press/Hal Leonard publications. Full interviews are published by magazines such as 'Against', 'Bulldozer' and 'Metal Rules' to name just a few. Finally Knapp wraps up 2014 with the announcement and release of the solo album "Bune" which is another previously missing and unreleased recording of progressive guitar instrumentals.


Moribund Records release the debut album from Knapp's traditional/speed metal project "Where Evil Follows". "Portable Darkness" arrives in the spring of 2015 to excellent critical and listener acclaim. Knapp begins a rigorous "woodshedding" schedule and displays much of his improvements through guest appearances on several Fetid Zombie releases. Knapp can be heard on the Fetid Zombie EP "Lowered Beneath", a split EP with Swamp and Fetid Zombie called "Necromantic Passages" and a vinyl appearance on the album "Sepulchral Voices". Returning to the Onward archives for the final time, Knapp unleashes a live Onward dvd "Live Magick" through Shredguy Records. The dvd consists of four shows filmed between 2000-2003. Previous work Knapp did with guitarist Markus Johansson earns a spot on the guitar compilation cd "Electric Gathering" released by Scottish label Anchorage Records alongside guitar greats Chris Poland (former Megadeth) and Jeff Kollman to name a few. Toby contributes a solo to acclaimed Black Metal labelmates ABHOR for their split 7" vinyl with WYRD.
Knapp also contributes half of the guitar solos to the second release by Las Vegas band Sue's Idol. Ready to return to live performance, Knapp created a "one man" performance that took place at a metalfest in Billings, Mt. with pre-recorded bass and drum tracks. The well received show consisted of material from throughout Knapp's career as well as medleys that paid homage to Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen and Jeff Beck intertwined with his own music. Orchard music acquire the digital rights to Shrapnel Records back catalog resulting in a 2015 re-release of Knapp's debut "Guitar Distortion" streaming and in digital formats.

In early 2016 Knapp compiles and issues "Black Metal Grimorium" in conjunction with Sumthinfierce records. The cd includes the remastered work of his 90's Black Metal band Darken. Complete with liner notes explaining how Darken spawned Onward and Waxen, the cd contains Darken's entire catalog in addition to previously unreleased bonus tracks. says of the album " If you were a part of this music back then and are looking for a nostalgic kick in the pants this is probably the only album released this year that will do it for you." In June of 2016 Moribund Records release Knapp's third Waxen album worldwide: "When something like this comes along, it’s impossible not to stand up and take note"- The Dirty Room review. Remaining relevant in an overcrowded music scene, Knapp's album "Weihung Auf Satan" is described as "Majestic and simply jaw dropping" ( "Hard, harsh and full of stunning guitar work" ( and draws controversy for fusing the low-fi rawness of early Burzum with technical melodic guitar soloing at times similar to Yngwie Malmsteen. Described by the popular Heavy Metal blog, as "blasting blackness to stunning solo breaks and all the stops in between as you try to imagine how you missed your stops at normalcy and predictability" "Weihung Auf Satan" is considered by some to be an entirely new metal genre altogether.
Knapp records a neoclassical metal instrumental album called "The Architect of Paradox" released in September 2016 on Crushing Notes Entertainment. Knapp ends 2016 with the completion of the Blackened Death Metal album "Affliktor". Knapp's Waxen and solo album releases end up in multiple "best of 2016" lists from fans and publications alike including Screaming Guitars, Hardrock Haven,, Rocka Rolla Radio in Greece and The Dirty Room.

2017 proved to be a successful year for Knapp based on the groundwork laid the previous year. Knapp's one man Black Speed Metal project "Affliktor" saw the worldwide release of the self titled debut album through Transcending Obscurity records. The UK's popular Zero Tolerance magazine called the album "A brilliant surprise" while another online publication from the UK, Ave Noctum, referred to the album as "a prime slab of genius". Legendary European magazine Metal Hammer included a track from the Affliktor album in it's November 2017 issue. Knapp joined forces with traditional heavy metal band Necrytis and co-wrote and recorded the band's debut "COUNTERSIGhNS" issued by Germany's Pure Steel Records. True Metal Lives described the album as "killer 80's style riffing, catchy melodies and cryptic lyrics that come together brilliantly" while the Metalzone in Greece said of the album "precision and efficiency many new bands would envy". Huge validation for the Necrytis debut came from none other than Fenriz of Darkthrone who referred to it as "possibly the best metal album of 2017. Knapp finishes work on Necrytis's second album "Dread En Ruin" in addition to starting a solo instrumental album scheduled for a release through Moribund Records in 2018. Toby has began booking solo gigs for 2018.
In Rapture
In Rapture
Members: Nate Yeager - Guitar, Tony Morales - Guitar/Keyboard, Zach Ostwalt - Bass, Samm Bauer - Keyboard/Samples, Jr Anderson - Drums/Percussion

Genre: Ambient/Experimental/Metal

Hometown: Billings, Montana
Venue Information:
Pub Station Taproom
2502 1st Ave. N
Billings, MT, 59101