11:11 Presents


ENDever, Assnyne

Mon, July 31, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Pub Station

Billings, MT


This event is all ages

Hemlock is a Heavy Metal band from Las Vegas Nevada.
Members of the band are Chad Smith-Vocals and Bass, Jezy Ward-guitar and background vocals, James Gelber- Guitarist, and Brian Smith drummer
Hemlocks sound is a heavy blend of chugging riffs, deep bass tones, rhythmic grooves and catchy ass lyrics, with a haberdash of melody mixed in. The lyrics are always creative and positive, and the songs have lots of scream alongs and hooks. The merchandise is also very creative. Hemlock offers a wide variety of merchandise options. From t-shirts and hoodies, to Hemlock candles, lunchboxes, antennae balls, panties and tons more.
Hemlock has been called “The Kings of self promotion”and have been noted as the hardest working up and coming metal band. Hemlock has a very entertaining live show as well. Hemlock gets the crowd involved in the show, and puts on the show of a lifetime, every time. The band makes sure that everyone goes home knowing they had fun with Hemlock.
Hemlock has been around since 1993. They have released 8 full length albums. Hemlock has toured the United States extensively, and has also recently toured Canada, Europe and Japan. Hemlock tours about 8 months a year, and has toured with Slayer, Slipknot, Ministry,Meshuggah, Otep, Disturbed, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Chimiara, Snot, Devil Driver, Machine Head, Mastodon and tons more.

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CHAD SMITH/ graphic design
Jill Smith/ webmaster/photographer
Brian Smith/ radio interview specalist
From Billings, Montana, END ever is ready to hit the stage with new material from their latest studio album, Tales of the Spooky Thunderfish, released August 2014. The band traveled to Big Fish Studios in San Diego, CA, and spent time with Matt Van Allen for their latest release. END ever hit the road hard in the summer of 2014 to support their new album, playing shows in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Santa Ana, San Leandro, Sacramento and Reno, and bringing with them the comradery, enthusiasm and talent that captivates every concert goer along the way. END ever has made fans at every stop in their years of touring and shows.

The unadulterated metal onslaught that is END ever, began in Billings, MT in 1998. END ever appeared at the 2001 Milwaukee Metal Fest and has shared the stage with such bands as Diecast, If Hope Dies, E-Town Concrete, Dope, Primer 55, Skinlab, Society One, Cattle Decapitation, Bloodlet, I.R.A.T.E, High On Fire, Drunkhorse, and Hemlock. The 7 time (2002-2008) winner of the Billings Outpost Tuney Award for Best Metal Act , and the 2002 winner of the Billings New Rock Rumble, END ever signed an endorsement deal with Halo Guitars in October of 2005.
Venue Information:
Pub Station
2502 1st Ave. N
Billings, MT, 59101