Alive After 5: Pinky and the Floyd

1111 Presents & DBA Presents

Alive After 5: Pinky and the Floyd

Thu, June 1, 2017

5:00 pm

Pub Station Ballroom

Billings, MT

This event is all ages

Alive After 5: Pinky and the Floyd
Alive After 5: Pinky and the Floyd
Alive After 5 Announcement: 2017 Line-Up

Billings, MT - June 1, 2017: The Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA) is pleased to announce the Alive After 5 event schedule. This summer concert series will open with Pinky and the Floyd on Thursday, June 1st from 5pm-8pm at the Pub Station, 2502 1st Ave. N.

From June 1st to August 31st, the series will take place on Thursday from 5-8pm, each at a different downtown venue. With live music by local, regional, and national artists, admission for Alive After 5 remains free to the public. For adults of age who'd like to enjoy drinking alcohol at this outdoor event, there is a $2 cover charge for an alcohol wrist band. These proceeds go to support the DBA, a non-profit organization that hosts community events and local outreach.

Details and band information can be found at

About the Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA):
The Downtown Billings Alliance (DBA) is an organization of 3 non-profit entities: the Downtown Billings Association (DBA), the Downtown Billings Partnership (DBP), and the Business Improvement District (BID). The Association is a membership organization of downtown businesses, as well as, the host of public events such as Alive After 5 and Strawberry Festival. The Partnership focus is downtown development. The BID focus is "clean and safe," in downtown; the street team removes graffiti, cleans sidewalks, and maintains hanging flower baskets. The BID collaborates with the Billings Police Department for officers assigned specifically to the downtown district. The collective body of work produced by the Downtown Billings Alliance is extensive across private, public, and quasi-governmental sectors. The heart of the DBA mission is downtown revitalization and the hope of the DBA is for the people of this community to love their city.
Venue Information:
Pub Station Ballroom
2502 1st Ave. N
Billings, MT, 59101